My Self-care Journey

Starting a business from the ground up has been one of the greatest journeys of self-reflection and growth I have ever been on. Building on my strengths and testing my areas of weakness, my goal was to prove that self-care doesn't have to be selfish.

Muse Self-care formed from my own journey of self-love, highlights the importance of taking care of ourselves on a mental, emotional and physical level.

Like most, I've hit emotional and mental roadblocks where self-care played a vital role in healing.

After a difficult breakup, paired with moving back across the world to my hometown of Kitchener, Ontario - I was left feeling lost. It became clear that I needed to rebuild my relationship with myself. Starting small, I began integrating self-care practices into my routine; meditation, yoga, reading and indulging in face masks became crucial pieces of the day. I was reconnecting with myself.

Inspired by my Grandma who made natural soaps and beauty treatments from ingredients she grew on her farm in Palestine, my recipes are influenced by beauty regimes & ingredients I've explored in different cultures. I’ve gathered inspiration across the Middle East, Asia, Africa & Europe. 

As I dive deeper into my self-care routine, Muse Self-care will continue to create products that further support the holistic wellness and beauty journey so many of us are on.