Energetic Investigation Session

A guided 1-hour video call to decode your human design blueprint, revealing energetic blocks, strengths, and opportunities. SCHEDULE YOUR SESSION

Are Things Feeling…Muddy? Unclear? Pointless?

That’s how life can get when our energy is scattered, stunted, or totally stalled…when we work against our natural talents and purpose. The self-knowledge provided by Human Design can pull you out of confusion’s mucky pits into the spectacular life path you were (literally) made for. 

And I’m here to show you how!

In this personalized session, I will help identify your unique energetic…

  • Strengths that bring meaning and satisfaction to your day, 
  • Blocks that keep you learning the same lesson over and over again. 
  • Patterns (helpful and unhelpful) that are popping up for a reason.
  • Gifts that only you can deliver to the world.
  • Shadows that aren’t as scary as you think! 
  • Inner Wisdom and Messages you should take seriously.

Human What Now?

Human Design combines astrology, the I Ching, and the chakra system to identify your unique energetic blueprint or design.

Sort of like your horoscope…but deeper. 
Sort of like a personality test…but broader.

HD provides priceless insight into your soul's mission(s) for showing up in our wild world. And what do we DO with this self-knowledge? 

Reflect. Recognize.

And better become your happiest, glowiest, most fulfilled self!


Working with Rowan has brought me so much peace and clarity, she exudes confidence and brings about so much positivity into my life. I feel a wave of hope and I hope everyone gets to experience her passion and kindness.

To Love Ourselves We First Need To Know Ourselves 

Heyy! I’m Rowan, and we take “know thyself” seriously around here. Human Design was a huge game changer for me after it validated my experience of never quite fitting into the various small boxes and cubicles of modern life.

It showed me that no, I'm not meant to be contained. I'm born to MOVE energy into action!

This modality of self-discovery beautifully compliments my energetic work. At the core of my practice, I help clients like you unwind outdated, harmful conditioning that stunts our unique gifts and potential. 

This creates space to recognize, accept, and love yourself for exactly who you are, shadows and all. Instead of what others told you to be. 

Becoming confidently YOU is a life-altering journey, and my Energetic Investigation Session is a superb place to begin!

Sounds Great, Row! But How Will This Work Exactly?

Your Energetic Investigation Session will be broken into three parts:

Discovery: After generating your human design chart, I’ll interpret the symbology and terms to share insight on your unique energetic strengths, challenges, and patterns. You’ll learn everything from your energetic baseline to your unique vibrational "zones of genius".

Closer Look: It’s time to investigate the areas of your choice (love, career, money, family). I’ve helped women uncover self sabotaging behaviors in relationships. I’ve helped clients identify more fulfilling - and lucrative - career paths. And I can’t wait to help you in whatever area you need it most!

Intention Setting: This knowledge is powerful. So you better believe we’re using it to propel your purpose forward! Like friends catching up over coffee, we’ll brainstorm windows of opportunity.

✨ As a Manifestor Energy type, I provide the trailblazing nudge to supercharge each intention until you’re shining out there → embodying your very best self. 


My reading with Rowan was so accurate I nearly fell out of my chair. There were certain details that were so specifically me that I left the reading with a renewed sense of confidence in my ability to step outside convention (and really own it). Book this reading with Rowan to experience the power of HD translated by a truly intuitive, powerful woman.


Now Is The Perfect Time To Embrace Your Energy 

Beautiful being, let this be the year you ditch outside expectations for the life that really fuels you. Because living in alignment with the True You builds momentum every day. 

And I know you’re ready for takeoff. 💖