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Self-care for Holiday Stress Relief Workshop

Self-care for Holiday Stress Relief Workshop

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Are you someone who finds the holiday season to be overwhelming and stressful? 


Do you find yourself easily triggered around certain family members or other people? 


Do you struggle to stay grounded amongst the chaos?


Well, I’m your self-care specialist Row and I always feel the pressure and stress of the holiday season, which is why I created a workshop to teach the proven tools  and techniques I’ve learned to regulate your nervous system through energetic awareness and the Emotional Freedom Technique of tapping. 


Follow along with this workshop to learn how to adapt these self-care tactics into your everyday  rituals to really ground yourself through all the heightened states of the holiday season and beyond! 

Replay it anytime you need some extra grounding in your life. Invest your time and energy  into this workshop to ensure more joy and less chaos that the final stretch of the year can bring.

If you believe the best present to give yourself is being present and in the moment, then you won't want to miss this workshop!

A link to the recorded workshop will be sent after purchase.


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