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Gua Sha Rose Quartz Stone

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100% Natural and Ethical Rose Quartz

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese health and beauty tool traditionally used as energy and massage therapy to gently scrape the skin to increase circulation and improve lymphatic drainage.

Smooth a few Oil Elixir drops onto the skin to allow the Gua Sha to glide smoothly across the skin and enable the oil to absorb better.

How it Works

Massage muscular fascia & the lymphatic system using the different edges and angles of the stone to adapt to the shape of your face.

  • Always begin in the center of the face and move outwards gently in short even strokes.
  • Massage from the center of your face by your nose outward towards cheeks. Then proceed to massage down the chin and up the forehead.
  • Roll down the sides of the neck and towards the center of the clavicle to move fluid built up in the face towards the body's center where it can be processed more effectively.

Just Like Magic

Smooth out and increase the appearance of your skin's elasticity 

Reduce the appearance of dark circles, eye puffiness and fine lines

Relieve facial and jaw muscle tension 

Detoxify and restore your skin's glow

Improve facial oil absorption into the skin for maximum impact

Gua Sha Care

The process of cleaning your Gua Sha is a simple but necessary part of the entire treatment ritual. 

Wash with dish soap and warm water, dry thoroughly and spray with isopropyl alcohol before storing away. 

Tip: You can keep it in the fridge for additional soothing properties.