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REJUVENATE Herbal In-healer

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Take your herbal ritual on the go! This herbal blend is designed to balance and ground you by offering calm clarity, grounding you while connecting you to your gifts and power.

Recommended for the Reflector Energy type. 

Ingredients: Passionflower, Calendula, Skullcap, Sage, Jasmine Flower with the Essential Oils of Frankincense, Camphor and Palo Santo.

Crystals: Blue Calcite Crystal, a powerful stone that is used to relieve stress and irritability while enhancing dreams and strengthens the throat chakra to allow users to better express and communicate the insights they receive.

 Black Obsidian Crystal, a powerful crystal used to ground you, ward off negative connections and offers healing properties. 

And Amethyst Crystal to relieve stress and irritability while activating spiritual awareness and healing.