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Human Design Chart Analysis + Self-care Ritual

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Understand yourself on a deeper level and how to support your energy with a Human Design Chart Analysis + Self-care Ritual. 

Understanding your human design is half the battle. What you do with the information is key to centring and soothing yourself and beginning the deconditioning process. By integrating the knowledge into an effective and efficient ritual for each energy type. I've formulated a guide to understand the self-care rituals that will support the different components of your unique chart. 

This analysis will give you clarity on...

  • Affirmations, mantras and journal prompts to align to your highest self
  • Self-massage and Tapping sequence to best support your energy type
  • Timing and schedule to get the most out of your practice 
  • How to best nourish your body and soul with

I will need your birth DATE, TIME and PLACE to do an accurate reading. A form will be sent out in a confirmation email that must be filled out.

Includes a 30-minute video call to answer any questions about your chart and ritual reading. Please book your session at least 3-5 business days from when the form is filled out.